Strip Poker Online


Strip poker online truly comes in all possible versions. After all, you can play this kind of game with any form of poker possibly, but slower versions with minor bets are probably the most appealing. However, three types of poker should be taken into consideration. They are simple and easy to understand, but they are merely different, so keep that in mind. Try to remember that socks and underwear are commonly treated as clothes here. Glasses are not, so don’t try to use this trick. We have more information on general poker tips you might want to read before you get your socks off.

Quick strip poker online

As the name suggests, this is the fastest and the most straightforward version to play. The reasons are simple. At the end of each hand, all the players will have to show their cards. Only the one that has the most durable hand is spared of removing a piece of the clothes. All others must remove one item.

Medium-paced poker

This form of poker is slower. The main difference here is that only the player with the worst cards will have to remove a piece of clothing after each round. All others are spared from it. This may be the most appealing version of strip poker after all. It is fun and very appealing for young players as well. Medium-paced strip poker online is common and probably the first choice for you.

Slow strip poker

Slow strip pokerSlow strip poker will take some time to be completed. It can last for hours. The main difference here is in the fact the clothes can be used as chips. This version also uses actual chips, so the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that you are going to need time and you are should keep things slow. Also, the type of poker usually comes with some limits, but they can be removed.

The origin of strip poker

The origin of strip poker is the same as the origin of the first poker. It dates in New Orleans in the 1830, and it has been developed alongside real poker the entire time. When it comes to the online version, it also follows the incline of the conventional poker, so we can see the first games appearing in the 80s or 90s. Yes, there were earlier versions as well, but they weren’t very popular.
Here we can add that the strip poker will continue to develop alongside conventional poker and it will probably become even more popular shortly. Now is the right time to start practising and to develop your skills if you want to stay with clothes.

Strip poker online is the ultimate source of fun, and us all should play it. Keep in mind that these versions we explained do make a difference and carefully select the one that appeals to you the most. Also, make sure you wear plenty of clothes, because one way or another, some of our clothes will be removed.


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